May 25, 2017 Grace 0Comment

Flash games have become famous in recent years. While demand for fresh games continues to rise, a number of developers normally seem to remain moderately static. The reason for that might may be that developing a different type of flash games needs such a different range of skills. Of course, in order to make unblocked games a competence in Flash is needed, but that alone isn’t sufficient. A good games developer needs graphical skills, audio skills, programming skills, not to mention an analytical mind, a systematic way of working through problems, and patience to see a scheme through to completion. Here’s a rough outline about how a single developer may tackle the problem of writing a game from scratch.

Games are bit complex pieces of software. Even a very small puzzle game written in the flash is likely to comprise numerous primary game states or main screens, numerous movie clips which might be nested (giving multiple numerous timelines), one or more action script files and possibly action script on timeline, graphical elements embedded or drawn in Flash in either vector or bitmap formats, or audio files.

With numerous elements, sitting down at a workstation with flash open and beginning to code is unlikely to produce an acceptable result. Whenever you start to write unblocked games you first need a pen and paper, originally with a description of how you will go about writing a game, with lists of the game begins and functionality, with a list of assets needed.  Once a design has been drafted, the following step is to write a mock-up game to play in Flash. The idea of such stage is to write the Flash code for the game to be functional, without worrying too much about how the game looks. I often use placeholder graphics at this stage, which will later be swapped with graphics produced by an artist, and unless it is integral to the game I leave the audio out entirely. Writing games may be a highly rewarding skill, both financially and intellectually, but tackling a project is a common mistake. If you are new to unblocked games start with a small project and gradually go for new.