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If you are new to a bus traveling then you might don’t know the tips and tricks which can convert you ordinary travel into extraordinary. And in order to learn that, all you need to do is carry on reading and by the time this article is over, you would be an expert of traveling in a local bus. However, if you are planning to travel by bus, first of all, try to book your bus ticket by visiting

Getting a suitable is one the best way to improve your traveling experience. For instance, if you like to travel by window side seat, you should have to ask that while booking your ticket because unlike air travel, you need to mention it before booking, whereas if you are traveling by air then you won’t have to mention it at that time. You can do that before getting a boarding pass.

If a seat close is to the driver, take it and though passengers are not allowed to speak with driver because he might get distracted, but the view that you would have from there would be unbelievable and it would give you a feeling like you are sitting on a runway (especially in night) and your plane is running on the runway before taking a flight. However, if you have any problems by sitting him you can speak with the conductor for a change of seat during the travel because feel afraid by sitting behind the driver.

Upon entering into the vehicle, take an immediate look around to see the number of doors there are and also to see if there are any number of emergency exits. If you can’t sit, close to the driver, look for a seat which is close to other exits. That would be helpful in case of emergency and also it would be your moral duty to reach and open the gate so that other passengers can go out and reach a safe place.