April 22, 2017 Grace 0Comment

Jumio now uses a system to verify the identities of its users, so as to quickly move them through the sign-up process and make that more secure and easy to use. While such technology, Jumio has obvious appeal to businesses that are in need of more accurate, faster identity checks, there is a consumer-facing advantage as well. So as to recognizing what an ID card says, Netverify by Jumio can also fill out the form optionally where things such as address, name, state, city, and zip have to be entered. Either it fills out a form, or whether it takes the user to a brand new screen or page where the information is already entered is up to the own implementation of business, though. And in few cases, business would request that Jumio sends a confirmation check (primarily a simple yes and no or can be changed to a complex one, depending on the need of the user) instead. You can read The Future of Digital ID Verification is here: Jumio – The Silicon Review as it will give you a detailed insight about Jumio and its products.

However, for online shopping, that has gotten significantly more difficult on a cell phone with its tiny keyboards and screens, being able to skip plethora of typing by holding a card can be helpful for consumers, who usually dump their groceries at checkout because of the technological frustrations. That, of course, assumes that technology in Net verify by Jumio is as easy and quick to use on mobile as promised & the Barach says Jumio has been working over a year on that to improve the algorithms and response times in order to ensure that is a case.

Longer-term, use of Jumio application thinks about identity and authentication on a broader scale than what such products might indicate today. While for now, it is keeping products separated, that might change further down a road. “They both do a similar thing as per words from Barach. He also added that team of Jumio is collecting and extracting credential information and legalizing it, and pushing it into different transactions. That is where we see the market going, as opposed to things that are splitting into ‘ID’ and ‘payment.’