April 8, 2017 Grace 0Comment

As a business and pricing model, consulting that is project-based is a quite common practice. As is evident in a name, it involves in charging their clients with a flat project fee that is based on anticipated breadth of work, manpower requirements and duration. Numerous SEO or consulting referencement firms have pre-packaged services, and almost all try to tailor bids on the needs of their client. But given the occurrence of numerous other pricing models like performance-based, pay-per-hour and profit sharing each having their very own exclusive benefits, is that pricing model worth it both for the service providers along with their clients?

Certainly, that pricing scheme has its benefits. For an individual, a well-constructed project-based agreement holds provider and a client to an agreed set of costs and deliverables, sharing an actual sense of accountability that’s present in contracts for longer-term while still retaining the flexibility that’s inherent in the models of hourly consulting. Project completion along with a standard of quality is established readily before a program is implemented that lessens the pain for the consulting referencement company and the parties.

Fee structure of consulting that is done project-based is relatively simple, particularly compared to different contracts, profit-sharing agreements, and performance-based. A particular project has one single price, that’s especially useful to marketing departments on the client side when they present their budgets and plans to their CFOs. This simplicity also payback SEO firms since they easily can advertise budget-friendly rates while increasing probability of lasting relationships and repeat business. In numerous new SEO projects, extra work is almost inevitable. With that model of pricing, any additional services could be billed separately and split into more monetarily manageable clusters that’ll prove friendly to changing the needs of client and budgets while assuring you a steady cash flow for different SEO firms. Of course, these aren’t automatic benefits. The progress of a consulting referencement project usually entails numerous changes of direction, problems, and adjustments, and ultimately, such model may not be the most responsive and flexible when it is about dealing with unexpected situations.